Weekly Schedule

Whether Vinyasa, Hatha, Prenatal, Yin, or Meditation, all of my offerings incorporate intentional movement and breath to cultivate fresh space and a newfound strength in body, mind, and spirit. A dynamic practice with a foundation to support reflection and presence, it is my intention that you leave my classes feeling light, empowered, and connected to your heart. Let’s have fun, let’s tune in, together.

* Most classes are simultaneously live in studio & streaming online <3 *

Mon & Tues 11:30-12:30 Vinyasa @ LotosYoga Berlin (usc or drop-in)

Wed & Fri 8-9am Vinyasa @ Green Yoga Pberg

Thurs 9:45-10:45 vinyasa @ Green Yoga xberg // 19 uhr Hatha @ LotosYoga Berlin

Fri 10-11:15am Astrology & Yoga (sign up through USC OR 10-20euro payment through Paypal) // 18:30-19:30 Astrology & Yoga @ Green Yoga Xberg

Sunday 11-12:15 ‘Yoga from the Heart’ outdoors @ Treptower Park near Karpfenteich (8-15euro payment through Paypal)


Subbing often at::

Jivamukti Yoga Berlin (Mitte), Pre&Post Natal Classes on Thurs. 11:15 & 13:15. See website for up to date schedule.

Visit my instagram to see weekly and daily updates on upcoming subbing dates.