Weekly Schedule

Whether Vinyasa, Hatha, Prenatal, Yin, or Meditation, all of my offerings incorporate intentional movement and breath to cultivate fresh space and a newfound strength in body, mind, and spirit. A dynamic practice with a foundation to support reflection and presence, it is my intention that you leave my classes feeling light, empowered, and connected to your heart. Let’s have fun, let’s tune in, together.


Mon-Thurs Vinyasa 10-11am on Facebook Live *10 euro suggested donation through Paypal*

Friday Astrology & Yoga 10-11:15am (sign up through USC OR 8-15euro payment to Paypal)

Sunday ‘Energizing Flow’ 11-12:15 (USC or 8-15euro payment through Paypal)


Mon. Vinyasa 11:30-12:45 @ Lotos Yoga-Mainzer Str.

Tues. Vinyasa 11-12:15 @ Lotos Yoga– Traveplatz

Tues. Vinyasa 16:15-17:30 @ Kalaa Yoga

Wed. Vinyasa 10-11:15 @ Lotos Yoga-Mainzer Str.

Wed. Vinyasa 12:30-13:45 @ Kalaa Yoga

Thurs. Vinyasa 8-9 @ GreenYoga (xberg)

Thurs. Vinyasa 16:30-17:30 @ GreenYoga (pberg)

Sun. 11-12:15 Energizing Vinyasa @ Art.13

Subbing often at::

Jivamukti Yoga Berlin (Mitte), Pre&Post Natal Classes on Thurs. 11:15 & 13:15. See website for up to date schedule.

Visit my instagram to see weekly and daily updates on upcoming subbing dates.